Basic navigation

You have received the email containing your user name and password but are not sure what to do next

Read the tutorial

In this tutorial we share some basic navigation tips.

Logging in

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To log in:

  • Click on the link in the email you received when your user account was created
  • Type in your email address
  • Enter the initial password you were supplied
  • Click Log in or press enter

Changing your password

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We recommend that you immediately change the password.

You can do this by:

  • Clicking on your name (top right)
  • Typing in your new password and confirming it
  • Then clicking Update

Checking that the data is up to date

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Each time you log in, you should check the last import date and time to ensure that the data is up to date.


How the data interface works conceptually

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Data is extracted from your ERP system overnight, sync’ed to our cloud servers, and processed in preparation for you to access it via your web browser.


Initiating a full data refresh

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It should not be necessary to refresh the data more than once per day, and in some cases the size of your data or the integration with your ERP system may prohibit this.

In the event that you do need to refresh the data during the day, you can do this by clicking SettingsData refresh and Full refresh.

This will initiate the full overnight process. You can continue to use the app until the data arrives from your ERP system, at which point you will be locked out until it has been processed.

Please be patient as the refresh process can take some time.


Initiating a reprocess of the data

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As well as refreshing the data, you also have the option to reprocess the data already on our cloud servers.

If you have changed the configuration options or any other settings, click Reprocess Data to apply those changes to your inventory.

It is not recommended that you attempt to start a data refresh or reprocess multiple times, as this may queue more than one request. If you think the software is taking too long to update, please get in touch with our support team instead.


Adding new users, with different levels of access

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To add new users, choose Settings then User admin. Click the New user button, enter the person’s details and type an initial password for them.

When creating a user you can select their language and specify their level of access.

  • If you select Client administrator, they will have full access to all locations
  • If you choose Restricted user, you can specify for each location whether the user has no accessread only access or full update access
  • Select any notifications you wish them to receive and create the user.

A similar email to the one you received with your login and password details will automatically be sent to the new user.


Editing an existing user

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To edit an existing user, simply click on their email address, then edit and make the required changes.

Click Update when done.


Viewing user logs

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You can use Settings to view User logs, which are an audit trail of all actions taken by users within the app.


Viewing the configuration options

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You can also use Settings to view the current Configuration options that were set during implementation.

Note: Changes to these options are not advised.


Custom CSV reports

You should be able to find whatever data you are looking for within the app. Occasionally, a unique requirement might result in a CSV report being requestedcosted and implemented.

To download any customised CSV reports, go to SettingsCSV reportshover on the report and click the Download now button that appears.


Taking an in-product tour

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Use the Take a Tour option as a quick and easy way to familiarise yourself with each page, or as a refresher on a specific section of the page.


Logging out

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Once you are finished working in the app, click Log out or close that browser tab.


The location drop down options

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Select the drop down to display all available locations, then click on a column to sort the locations in that order.

The locations displayed will either be real locations, or regional consolidations that have been configured.

Flags indicating currency will only display if there are locations with different currencies.

If you have a large number of locations, start typing characters to filter the list. Clicking on a location will display data for that location.


Hover tips and setting your default location

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If you are unsure what an element on the screen is, hover your mouse over it and there will more than likely be a hover tip.

If the selected location is the one you most frequently view, you can set it as your default location by clicking the icon.

Now when you click Dashboard, or Forecasts, your default location will be displayed. Only use the drop down if you need to view a different location.


Listings: sorting, filtering and downloading

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You can drill-through the dashboard to get to a list of items in each status.

The default sort order will be highlighted but you are able to sort the list in any order by clicking on a column heading.

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You can filter the list using a number of standard filters and a few that are based on dimensions in your data.

Selecting filter options and applying them reduces the number of rows displayed.

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The list can be downloaded to a CSV file and you can navigate through the list using these page numbers.


Drilling through listings to individual items

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To drill-through to individual items in the list for review, we find that opening items in a new tab is the most effective way of working through the list.


How to get additional help

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The title bar displays selections and information specific to that page and contains a link to a wiki (yellow circle) with help about the page.

In addition to the wiki, you can do the in product tours (green square) I mentioned earlier, engage in an online chat (blue circle) with one of our support team or visit our .tv site for the latest online training material and frequently asked questions.

You are also able to view tutorials directly within the app wherever you see this hover tip (red circle).